Tutti Viola (альт)


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Cairo, Egypt. Заявки до 15 февраля. 

Cairo Symphony Orchestra

(One-year contract)
The Cairo Symphony Orchestra announces the following

Tutti viola

Audition Requirements
1. C. Stamitz or F. Hoffmeister: Concerto for Viola
2. One piece of Candidate’s Choice

Orchestra parts:
H. Berlioz: Romeo and Juliet
L. v. Beethoven: 5th Symphony, 3rd movement “Trio”
L. v. Beethoven: 9th Symphony, Finale

The audition will be held in Berlin on February 19, 2020.
Address: Friedrichstraße 39, 10969, Berlin, Germany.


Application forms to be obtained online at the CSO
management: cairosymphonyorchestra@gmail.com

Application deadline: February 15, 2020.

The admission to auditions is only possible through an Invitation
from the management.
Closing date: 15 Feb 2020