Tenor (тенор)


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Helsinki, Finland.  Заявки до 1 января.

Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Permanent position starting from 3.8.2020

Audition for this position will be held at the Finnish National Opera on Monday 20.1.2020. Application deadline is on Thursday 2.1.2020.

In the audition, applicants will perform an opera aria of their choice in the first round. Those selected for the second round will perform a solo song in Finnish with piano accompaniment, a two-octave scale and an ensemble piece for which the music will be e-mailed to all applicants after the application deadline. Applicants will further be required to rehearse another shorter passage with the Chorus Master (prima-vista); the music for this number will be given at the audition, and also to rehearse a short stage choreography assignment with Directing Assistant. A pianist will be provided by the Finnish National Opera, however, applicants may bring their own pianist should they wish.

Salary is starting from 2603,38 € / month and the performance fee is 74,94 € / performance.

All applications must be submitted by 2.1.2020 via the FNOB online recruitment system www.oopperabaletti.fi/en/about-us/open-vacancies/

For further information, please contact Eija-Riitta Aakio, tel. +354 50 3440 370 email eija-riitta.aakio@opera.fi
Closing date: 02 Jan 2020

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