Online part time & full time teachers of Oboe (педагог по гобою)


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Singapore. We are an international online education platform with more than 100,000 musical students,it’s for global students who can learn from and grow together with global teachers through our online school. It provides opportunities for musical students to learn musical knowledge as well as a stage for you to showcase teaching.lesson duration will be 10-13mins for 15EU or 16USD salary(depends on your area) and teaching arrangement completely flexible.
Anyplace performance artists and teaching experience. Truly enjoy helping students get better on their instruments, no matter what level of players you prefer to teach. with your passion of sharing and teaching in English, you’re warmly welcome to join us.
We are sincerely inviting you as teacher of Saxophone,Trumpet ,Horn,Trombone and Flute , Clarinet ,Oboe, Bassoon to join us now!

Please send us the following documents if you’re interested.
1.Resume with e-mail address and contacts.
2.High resolution photograph.
3.Your solo performance video within 10 minutes. 

Please e-mail to us: