Bass Trombone with obligation to play Contrabass Trombone (100%) (тромбон)


Поделиться, сохранить:

Hilversum, Netherlands. Заявки до 1 сентября.

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

(One-year contract)
Intended start date January 1, 2020.
The selection audition will be held on Monday October 7, 2019, and will start at 09.00 hours in Muziekcentrum
van de Omroep, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
The final audition will be held on Tuesday October 8, 2019, and will start in the afternoon in Muziekcentrum
van de Omroep, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
The selection audition will take place behind a screen.

Audition repertoire list:
• E. Bozza – New Orleans;
• A. Lebedev – Concerto no 1;
• Orchestral parts

We reserve the right to make a first selection based on the letters. Stichting Omroep Muziek adheres to the Employment and Aliens law in the recruitment and selection procedure. Following European regulations, inhabitants of countries outside the European Community are only invited when they are in the possession of an unrestricted Dutch work and residence permit.

A letter of application including your nationality should be sent by e-mail to
Closing date: 01 Sep 2019
More details/How to apply:
Visit website
job details (pdf)