Associate Principal French Horn (валторна)


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Shanghai, China. Заявки до 2 февраля 2020 года.

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

(One-year contract)
Required Audition Repertoire
1.First Round – DVD submission. Applicant may choose to record 1 movement of a concerto and 3 contrasting orchestral excerpts of your choice. See details next page.
2.Second Round – Live Audition, including:
1)Two solo pieces of the applicant’s choice, including:
a)One piece from Classical or Baroque period (Violins, Woodwinds, and French Horns must choose one of Mozart’s works).
b)One piece from Romantic period.
2)Sight Reading of orchestral excerpts

How to Apply
1.Download the application form at
2.Mail the application form and DVD to Human Resources, 1380 Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai, China. Postcode 200031 OR email to
Closing date: 02 Feb 2020
More details/How to apply:
Visit website
application form (docx)