Tutti (Section) Violin (скрипка)


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Hanoi, Viet Nam.Заявки до 5 августа.

Sun Symphony Orchestra

Established in 2017, the Sun Symphony Orchestra functions under the umbrella of the Sun Group, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its mission is to serve as a cultural jewel of Vietnam and to represent Vietnam on the international artistic map. Among the orchestra’s civic goals are to give outreach concerts to various areas of Vietnam, to maintain an active Classics Season featuring the standard greats from the orchestral repertoire, and to bridge the gap between Vietnamese/foreign listeners from all backgrounds and the power of music. Following an exciting and successful pilot concert season, the orchestra is recruiting in a very large expansion as it heads to the first official, public concert season. Join us in this historic musical venture!
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Closing date: 05 Aug 2019
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