Section Principal, Second Violin


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Adelaide, Australia. Требуются скрипачи. Заявки до 1 июля.

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

90,764 AUD p/year

DUTY STATEMENT: General duties and work requirements:(excerpt below, full details to be found at

DUTY STATEMENTS: - Section Leaders (excepting First violins)

In addition to the “General duties and work requirements of Principal Musicians”, Section Leaders shall:

a) prepare and play the first part of the section and relevant solos of the repertoire; lead and direct the section;
b) take responsibility for the style, intonation, balance, ensemble, rhythm and preparation of the section;
c) in the case of string principals, prepare 1st desk part with bowings and other markings from concertmaster’s part;
d) play other parts from time to time in an emergency at his/her discretion;
e) take responsibility in the first instance for the general discipline of the section;
f) take responsibility in the first instance for rostering the section (this may be delegated), and in string sections for seat allocation ensuring that appropriate input is received from section members and due consideration is given to artistic standards;
g) prepare suitable audition material for auditions and casual assessments relevant to the section and consult with management on the engagement of casual musicians.

15.2 DUTY STATEMENTS: - Principal Musicians
General duties and work requirements.
Principal musicians shall:-
a) play the instrument/s and parts for which the musician was engaged/auditioned
b) play any instrument in the relevant family of instruments (see clause 15.8) provided:
i. there is a doubling part and the musician was engaged/auditioned on the relevant instrument(s); or
ii. the musician is willing and has a recognised professional level of competence; or
iii. the musician is willing and provided that the musician’s artistic standards are not compromised;
c) provided that the artistic standards of the orchestra are not compromised,
i. if applicable, perform higher duties, if willing;
ii. play in combinations of seven or less, if w

Closing date: 01 Jul 2021

Start date: August 2021

More details/How to apply:

ASO website
Section Principal, Second Violin General (pdf)